I started out as a child of wonder, in a natural world of soft, furry animals that would let me rub their ears on my upper lip. We had woods in which to discover nature and build secret camps. I rolled down hills, I ran in grass, and witnessed the seasons of change as I marked my years up to 19. After moving to Florida I lost track of time as my second journey of using healing scents unfolded in the form of aromatherapy. Vintagearomatherapist.com is the house of the story of that long aromatic journey of forty some years; my version of the history of aromatherapy as known in the USA.

My Irish twin brother “D” and I grew up together and in our mid teens  in the 1960’s. Bill Cosby was just a new young comic and one of his first recordings was titled “I started out as a child”.

Not his best, but we knew every line with all the accents. So in writing this, this line came to mind and I thought a good place to start.

The point is: we started out as children, but this blog is MY journey from start to finish from the 1950s forward. My daughter, Nyssa, pointed out a lot of ways I have grown yet am still child like. I am easily delighted and always looking for the good in others. There is a huge difference in child like and childish. These days I am much more wise and I can see that there is much work to be done. Nyssa  quoted me in saying that I wanted to be known as a “woman who was up to something,” surely during my Landmark Education days when I became “authentic’, let my silver hair grow out and be more true to myself.

So here I am now, heart open, ready to confess. Stay tuned 😉