Re Start Me Up

A few days ago I turned 63 and decided it was time to start a blog. It may seem strange to start on my birthday but I decided I had to just get started, and get it done. We never know how long we have in this earth suit, and I need to put some things down on paper for my legacy. is about my aromatherapy colleagues and I, and what better time to start!
I follow Jeff Brown on Facebook  and recently saw this quote “Essential lessons cannot be avoided. Callings don’t go away. When we turn away from our lessons, when we ignore our truth-aches, the universe jumps into action, orchestrating our return- a symphony of self-creation dedicated to our unique expansion. This is the nature of karmic gravity- we are returned back to our path until we fully walk it. Return to sender, address now known.”  This is so true…the patterns return. Fully walking means discovering and releasing, too.
So here I am: newly updated with two new sites being revealed and realizing I am not finished with my life’s work. I am back on the ride again, back in the arena, showing up for my path. I have been Re Started up, like the Rolling Stones, back in the aromatherapy world and ready to pass the torch, but not before I share all I know so I can retire with no unfinished business.
This blog stuff is very revealing, and a little scary, but I learned long ago that vulnerability can be fun, challenging, and life changing. Some things just cannot be denied! (There is a great Ted Talks on the subject. Like our Facebook Page to get that link!)
So stay tuned for an interesting read on my history and the history of aromatherapy as it has grown in this country over the last 40 yrs.