Early stirrings

I grew up in North Carolina in the 1950-60s and moved to Florida in early 1970. At that time I didn’t know aromatherapy had started with Gattefosse’s work, followed by Valnet’s book Aromatherapie which came out in France. Then  Marguerite Maury, an Austrian biochemist, began teaching in Paris and London in the 1960’s. In the 1950’s, Marguerite Maury pioneered the beginning of modern or true aromatherapy – the use of essential oils for the promotion of holistic well-being. While she was working with a surgeon in Alsace she read a book: Les Grandes Possibilitiès par les Matières Odoriferantes, by Dr Chabenes (published in 1835). The author later taught R.M. Gattefossé, one of the founders of aromatherapy. The book became Marguerite Maury’s Bible.

Through Maury’s years of research and practical application, she discovered the value of the active zone aromatic particles and recorded the effects with scientific probity. She lectured and gave seminars on the subject throughout Europe and opened aromatherapy clinics in Paris, Switzerland and England.

Madame Maury felt that the external application of essential oils by way of massage could be especially beneficial, and she established the first aromatherapy clinics in Paris, Great Britain, and Switzerland, and studied the rejuvenating properties of essential oils. She developed the early massage techniques from which today’s aromatherapy derives. Her treatments were initially designed for skin rejuvenation but her clients reported many additional benefits such as better sleep, pain relief and general well-being. Such results inspired Madame Maury to pass down her ‘hands-on’ knowledge to a select group of aromatherapy students at her private practice in London.

Maury trained many students including Daniele Ryman, who became her protégé, or “spirit child,” as she says. Early in her life Daniele attended the Institute des Beaux Arts in Paris. She met and became the protégé of the legendary pioneer of aromatherapy: Marguerite Maury, working with her in research and development in both the Paris and London clinics.

I was privileged to be the spiritual child, pupil and disciple of Marguerite Maury. She inspired and changed my life. I have continued her work for over 30 years. She possessed some of the eccentricities of genius, but she was also one of the most generous and lovable of women, a magnetic and charismatic person. She was a veritable whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, working ceaselessly until quite literally she died on the 25th September 1968. Her last manuscript was found beside her bed. It began: ‘The aromatherapy involved in cosmetology can lead to the most extraordinary of results. -Daniele Ryman


Visit her site here.


I recently communicated with Daniele and she informed me of her new book on her memoirs with Maury called The Gift. She also recently found a movie that Maury made when her book Le Capital Jeuenesse originally came out in French in 1961. Daniele republished in English as Marguerite Maury’s Guide to Aromatherapy, The Secret of Life and Youth in 1989. She has never been here to the USA and I think that we need to correct that and bring her here in the near future, before she is gone too.  You can find a taste of her expertise in her “Aromatherapy Bible, found here.

Other students who studied with Maury, include Wm. Arnold-Taylor who created the ITEC programs in the UK, and Micheline Arcier, one of the very few people to work at her pioneering salon and to be trained personally by Marguerite Maury. Micheline Arcier studied and worked with Maury and Valnet and their combined techniques created a form of aromatherapy that is now used around the world. She opened a clinic in London and taught many early aromatherapists. Sadly, she and her daughter have passed away but you can read her story here.

One of Arcier’s students was Emilee Stewart. I will focus on Emilee on the next blog as she may be the first USA first Pioneer Vintage Aromatherapist.

Re Start Me Up

A few days ago I turned 63 and decided it was time to start a blog. It may seem strange to start on my birthday but I decided I had to just get started, and get it done. We never know how long we have in this earth suit, and I need to put some things down on paper for my legacy. VintageAromatherapist.com is about my aromatherapy colleagues and I, and what better time to start!
I follow Jeff Brown on Facebook  and recently saw this quote “Essential lessons cannot be avoided. Callings don’t go away. When we turn away from our lessons, when we ignore our truth-aches, the universe jumps into action, orchestrating our return- a symphony of self-creation dedicated to our unique expansion. This is the nature of karmic gravity- we are returned back to our path until we fully walk it. Return to sender, address now known.”  This is so true…the patterns return. Fully walking means discovering and releasing, too.
So here I am: newly updated with two new sites being revealed and realizing I am not finished with my life’s work. I am back on the ride again, back in the arena, showing up for my path. I have been Re Started up, like the Rolling Stones, back in the aromatherapy world and ready to pass the torch, but not before I share all I know so I can retire with no unfinished business.
This blog stuff is very revealing, and a little scary, but I learned long ago that vulnerability can be fun, challenging, and life changing. Some things just cannot be denied! (There is a great Ted Talks on the subject. Like our Facebook Page to get that link!)
So stay tuned for an interesting read on my history and the history of aromatherapy as it has grown in this country over the last 40 yrs.

Sylla’s Confessions

On September 20th, At the AIA’s Aromatherapy Conference in Tampa, FL Sylla gave an outstanding lunch time presentation titled “Re-Start Me Up: Confessions of a Vintage Aromatherapist.” A fun and funky full-hearted speech began with the Rolling Stones classic “Start Me Up.”

She handed out beautiful, handmade aromatherapy awards and honored all the long time Aromatherapy Pioneers. There were tears, laughs, and flashy dance moves. You can read here the full paper that inspired such an amazing presentation, one of the most memorable of the conference.

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